Promoting Positive
Mental Wellbeing

Cork Mental Health Foundation/Housing Association are registered charities which promote positive Mental Health, creates awareness of mental health and illness and actively supports and empowers persons with a mental health difficulty.


Given in assistance each year to people experiencing mental health difficulties


Primary school students receive mental health talk
each year

About Us

Who We Are

Established in 1962, Cork Mental Health is the the longest established mental health organisation in Ireland. We are a voluntary organisation developed to actively support and empower people with mental health difficulties through the promotion and provision of high-quality housing, community and educational projects.

We aim to:

Cork Mental Health Foundation

What We Do

Cork Mental Health Foundation offers vital services including community projects, educational programs for schools, supportive housing, and a range of mental health resources. Their initiatives aim to promote mental well-being, provide support and housing for those in need, and educate the community to foster a better understanding of mental health issues.

Community Projects

Cork Mental Health Foundation’s Community Projects enhance mental well-being and support, fostering a stronger, healthier community.


Cork Mental Health Housing Association offers quality social housing for individuals with mental health issues, supporting them across Cork.


Cork Mental Health Foundation’s primary school program offers mental health education to 5th and 6th classes, promoting well-being and awareness.

Events & Fundraising

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Become a Volunteer

Explore volunteering opportunities with Cork Mental Health Foundation, where you can contribute to charity shops, community centers, events, and more. Help make a difference by supporting mental health initiatives and fostering a stronger community. Join us in our mission to promote mental well-being.

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