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Primary Schools Project

In October 2013, after conducting a pilot among primary schools in Cork, we published and distributed 11,500 mental health information leaflets to all 6th class pupils in Cork City and County.

​This gave rise to requests coming in from Primary Schools to come and deliver presentations on mental health to both 5th and 6th class groups.

As a result our mental health promotion & education programme was developed. Our programme is available for all 5th and 6th class primary school pupils throughout Cork City & County.

The programme is comprised of an hour presentation facilitated by our trained staff on mental health and well-being. It demonstrates everyday tools and tips you can use to support your mental health and well-being, and provides a teacher’s support pack to continue with the memento of mental health promotion.


Topics Covered:


Our talks demonstrate how to use our breathing as an anchor to settle our thoughts. One of the techniques we practice with the students is Petal Breathing. This is a simple but effective technique that can help bring us into the present moment. Please see the video clip below on how this is presented to the students.

See our video on how to practice Petal Breathing

Primary Schools Project

Our School Talk is Free.

However, we would be delighted if your school would be in be in a position to organise a fundraiser to support the continuity of this project. Some schools find the fundraiser can support the topic of mental health, as it can be a fun way of getting the conversation started, while preparing the pupils for the talk.

If you would like to start a fundraiser  


You need more information please contact our office: 021 4511100

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